Summer on Zlarin

There is no shortage of cultural content here in the summer, partly thanks to celebrities who are loyal friends of Zlarin, and partly to our locals always open to new ideas and projects which they try to put into action.

For that reason we use the motto “something for everyone,“ as witnessed by our guests.

In the hot summer months you can enjoy various exhibitions, classical music concerts in churches or rock concerts in local cafes on the shore, film festivals or screenings of Zlarin documentaries, theatre plays for both kids and adults, bocce competitions, football, table tennis or swimming, “Latinski idrunon na kureja“ regatta and various other festivities.


Your experience of the place will forever stay with you if you witness “Farewell to coral hunters“ which vividly depicts our ancestors’ customs, as well as additional events such as the screening of the “Coral Princess“ movie, washing the clothes in “Vrulja“, making coral jewelry, all accompanied by the songs and dancing of our Koralj folk ensemble and friends. It is a form of a show, a play performed by our Zlarinians – in traditional folk costumes – to remind both themselves and the guest of a six-century long coral tradition of their ancestors. The legacy forever validates Zlarin as a coral island, and corals, along with olives and fish, have boosted island life and economy. Hence, Zlarinians protectively preserve and cherish the tradition of coral hunting and harvesting together with this unique event.

As much as they can, the modern keepers of island’s tradition – Koralj folk ensemble organizes other events such as “Spinning of My Thin Skirt“ (Vrti mi se moja suknjo tanka) and “My Grandfather’s Wedding “ (Ženidba moga dide).


A traditional festivity envisioned as a small scale local event in which Zlarinians and their guests compete in preparing fish stew started in 2010 and has been taking place ever since. The principle of competing and cooking has always been the same: ten teams prepare the fish stew following secret recipes, and a three-member committee – this year’s greatest fans of this Dalmatian specialty – assesses all the stews and pronounces the winner. Recognizable for our joyful approach to life as we are, it is a given then that this event lasts until the early morning hours in an aura of fun and friendship.


The only such event in the world, in which there are no age limits or special skill requirements for participation, guarantees fun and excitement. It is an old Dalmatian game that kids played – they would use a dish (teća) and in shallow waters hunt for small mullets with it. The simplicity of the competition and the joy that comes with it, encouraging all age groups to compete, can be seen in a yearly growing number of participants.

“Come to Zlarin, wherever you go,
Come to Zlarin and be welcome!“
Mladen Bjažić

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