“Balthazar – Friend of the Island Children”

BALTAZAR PLAKAT Do you remember the legendary professor Balthazar, strolling through his laboratory and thinking until he came up with an idea that would once again help Balthazar Town? Professor Balthazar is a scientist from a colorful imaginary town, inspired by Zagreb. He’s the good soul in a town whose residents come to him in search of solutions to their unusual problems. Balthazar is one of the rare cartoon characters who doesn’t solve problems with violence, but with imagination instead. He tucked many generations in before the evening news I found his way into people’s hearts. The Professor Balthazar theatre play was designed in accordance with the good spirit of a cartoon full of universal messages understandable to children of all ages. Balthazar points out to the ease of solving the most difficult problems and dilemmas, sensitizes the kids to accept differences and motivates them to help others with their imaginations and wits. The play talks about the need of living beings to satisfy the curiosity with a story of a bird’s travels. The costumes and scenery were designed to bring the world’s cultural sights like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney’s Opera house, Egyptian pyramids and many others closer to the children.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe play, “Professor Balthazar – A Trip Around the World”, talks about a curious bird who is always late on her journeys because her interest in all the countries of world diverts her attention. She stop everywhere and observes the diversity of the world with amazement. Unfortunately, all of that brings her to Balthazar Town too late – in the autumn months when there are no other birds present. Professor Balthazar immediately gets an idea and he’ll try to solve this problem with a wondrous machine by creating an unusual colorful umbrella. The umbrella will help the bird become a tourist guide and make the other birds follow her path and tempo in the future. It’s a joyful story of possibilities, diversity and good intention with all the original cartoon characters and recognizable musical background. Fasten your seatbelts and fly into the world of fairytales – a world where anything is possible!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe project “Balthazar – Friend of the Island Children” by the Ministry of Culture and the Doll Factory Theater; the show “Balthazar – A Trip Around the World” will tour all over the islands and will be free of charge. The play features professional actors and authors Mario Kovač, Filip Djetelić and Petra Radin. The play is 40 minutes long and intended for children of ages 2 and up.

Touring plan – Monday, December 30th, 2013:

1. Pag, on the island of Pag – co-organizer: Center of Culture (Ivana Vuleta) – 10am (scenery set-up starts an hour earlier)
2. Šepurine, on the island of Prvić – co-organizer: island’s local board (Blaž Renić, Goran Kursar) – 4pm (scenery set-up starts an hour earlier)
3. Zlarin, on the island of Zlarin – co-organizer: local board (Vladimir Buneta), Hotel Koralj (Renato Miškov) – 7:30pm


Production: Tvornica lutaka Theater, POU Velika Gorica
Script: Mario Kovač and Petra Radin
Director: Mario Kovač
Actors: Filip Detelić, Mario Kovač i Petra Radin
Scenery: Matija Šantić
Dolls and accessories: Dunja Niemčić
Costumes: Barbara Bourek
Adviser: Zlatko Bourek
Music: Tomislav Babić
Choreographer: Maja Kovač
Lighting: Alen Marin

Marketing and promotion : Domnana Hay / www.butterflyeffect.hr