Broken records

988669_194052497420512_1997488165_nLiving on the island and thinking about what should’ve been done already, what we’d like to have and what we need but can’t accomplish overnight often instills distrust and disappointment in the whole system and ourselves as a part of it. What matters is the fact that there are still hard-working people on Zlarin who will change things for the better, together. Proof lies in constant cooperation of the Local Board and the Zlarin Tourist Board with our volunteer fire associations (DVD), KUD Koralj, associations Tatavaka, Zlatni otok (Golden Island), Punta Arta, Maslinari (Olive Growers) and the Yacht Club. All those organizations rose up to benefit the quality of life on Zlarin.
nik_8319This season’s quality content is proof of successful cooperation and good relations. The Zlarin Cultural Summer of 2013 had as much as 29 sports, cultural and entertaining events, not counting the concerts organized by the local caterers. We should really be proud of this number for it is a result of combined efforts and the fact that we have more content, year after year, that guarantees the visitors’ satisfaction, making the season last longer and bringing in more guests to the island.

Hardly anyone doesn’t know that last year we fought for the survival and independence of the Zlarin Tourist Board. We succeeded thanks to the large increase in paid visits and great results in other areas. We’re proud to inform you that we’ve broken the record this year and that, up until today, September 12th 2013, we had 21048 paid overnight stays. That’s a 16,75% increase!
IMG_4726-aStatistics show that Zlarin is increasingly popular amongst Austrian people, followed by Germans, Czechs, Norwegians, Swedes and residents of the United Kingdom. The absolute “summer hit” are Croatian tourists with a 3,3% increase in overnight stays.