Croatian coral center Zarin

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This Saturday, April 19th 2014, a project of great significance for the development of Zlarin will be presented in the Zlarin Home of Culture.

The Ministry of tourism has granted 350 thousand KN necessary to create the project documentation for the Coral Centre.

The basis of the project is the development of the island, creation of additional content, opening new work places and depiction of a former way of life, closely related to the sea and the corals. An educational tourist route called the “Route of the Coral Divers” is being prepared on which the visitors will be driven to the locations where corals are located.

The value of the project is being estimated to around 8 million KN and it will be applied for the European Union funding, while the documentation, in its early phase, will be funded by the Ministry of Tourism and the city of Šibenik.


You’ll be able to find out more information on the subject this Saturday. We’re inviting all Zlarinians and project devotees to take part in presenting this wonderful story.