“Give Your Love to Somebody”

unnamedOn Saturday, November 30th at 5pm on the Large Scene, the Children’s and Puppeteer Scene of the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin will do a premiere of the play “I ti ljubav nekom daj” (“Give Your Love to Somebody”) directed by Ladislav Vindakijević. The play was made according to a text by the famous Croatian poet Vesna Parun. Mr. Ladislav has also designed the play scenery.

“Just as Vesna Parun described many unforgettable animal characters in her poems (cats, donkeys, lizards), in this play she brings dogs of all kinds to the stage. The story takes us to the abandoned and lost dogs’ asylum, but even amidst the dark surroundings, the play goes on in a cheerful, sparkly world of Parun’s fantasy that entertains and educates at the same time.” – L. Vindakijević

The dancers and singers of this cheerful, songful, dancing play about a puppy who is trying to win the Midnight Collar title are: Ljiljana Bogojević, Zdenko Brlek, Hana Hegedušić, Matija Kezele, Nancy Abdel Sakhi, Zvonko Zečević, Beti Lučić and Nikolina Herceg. Mate Matišić is the composer, scenery is done by Ladislav Vindakijević and Ivan Duić, costumes and dolls by Ivan Duić and choreography by Đurđica Kunej.