Interpret Europe

interpret 1On May 12th, 2014, experts from the European Association for Heritage Interpretation held a study case on the topic: „The impact of natural and cultural heritage on developing tourism in pre and postseason”. The day began with a short presentation about Zlarin so the guests could see what living on the island was like then and now.

Interpret 2Within the presentation a visit to the Homeland museum “Vesna Parun” and to coral craft “Zlarinka” was organized, where everyone had a chance to see the manual coral processing and jewelry making.

Discussion on the topic went very well. It was very interesting since it mostly spoke about revitalization of the islands Krapanj and Zlarin and about how the tourist season would spread through the whole year. Since there wasn’t much time we agreed on a new visit to Zlarin. Until then we are left with this knowledge and many ideas, some of which are already in a realization.