Izvansezonci workshop on Zlarin

plakat„TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING on Zlarin after a warm welcome and a very poetic and pleasant time with the locals, fiercely playing belot under Leroj – priceless!” These are the words of Miljenko Vuradin, a participant in the Izvansezonci (Offseasoners) workshop. Zlarin and its local population are hosting the second Izvansezonci animation workshop in a row, beginning with May 19th and ending with May 22nd.
For three days, twelve animators and artists will be recreating historical animation devices from the 19th century – the time before the invention of the motion picture – which were the forerunners and foundation for the later invention of motion picture films, animation and cinematography.

The workshop is open for animation fans and all others with interest. In the next few days they will have a chance to learn a thing or two about animation and the making of animation cycles which will be rendered by the constructed devices.

The workshop will take place in the movie theatre and on the Pod Lerojem square.

The Izvansezonci project brings a series of projections and presentations, all with the idea to improve upon the cultural content of small island towns, outside of the main tourist season. A one-day interactive display is planned for the last day of the workshop, May 22nd, and will take place on the Pod Lerojem square. The organizers, members of the Otompotom association from Zagreb (also the organizers of Supertoon international animation festival) are grateful to every person helping them make this project a reality.

A very special thanks goes to Zlarin’s vicar Spomenko Bagarić and Vladimir Buneta, the president of the local tourist board.

The Izvansezonci project leaders are inviting everybody, regardless of their age, to come see the workshop opening as well as all the other events going on in Zlarin in the next four days. They say animation knows no age restriction and those who claim it’s a children’s art should come and feel like a child once again, for a moment, at least.

The schedule for this week’s Izvansezonci program:


8pm – lecture on animation devices alongside the screening of “The Film before Films”


12am – 6pm – construction of animation devices

8pm – screening of animated movie intros


12am – 6pm – drawing and making animation cycles

8pm – screening of animated music videos


12am – 6pm – drawing and making animation cycles

8pm – the “Izvansezonci” exhibit – a display of devices and animation cycles made during the workshop