Marija Braut

Photography exhibition of Marija Braut

From the collection of Gallery Badrov

Regional museum of Zlarin, Gallery Vesna Parun

Opening: 04.08.2015., at 21:00


1The second exhibition under the title “Zlarin summer 2015” will present to the audience the photographs of one of the Croatian photography icons.

Marija Braut (1929-2015) a master of a game Light and Darkness and all their shades and tones. In her intense, contrasted photos we witness a caught vibration of a moment, after which the vibration becomes eternal, powerful and picturesque, while the dark tones, numerous shades and black colour become warm and deep. Her photographs are featured with mystery and drama of deep darkness and anxiety where the light is foreseen.

Marija Braut is the heiress of the “Zagreb school of photography” whose founder was internationally recognized Toso Dabac. The school assembled photographers amateurs in the 30s of the 20thcentury, the motives most often were ordinary people and their being. Thus in Marija Braut’s photos the portrayed persons made one with surrounding atmosphere and with a moment in which they were acting. It is quite sure that Marija Braut has left and is still leaving indelible trace in history of photography, especially of Croatian photography.


During the opening there will be shown a film about the authoress.

Film author: Luka Marotti, production: Gallery Badrov’