Musical aliens visited the island, incognito

DSC00529They have gathered on our island in secrecy to record a CD with pieces written by the most eminent composers for guitar nowadays – Leo Brouwer, Dušan Bogdanović and Nikita Koshkin.

The international group is formed by world famous musicians – a violin virtuoso Stefan Milenković, a guitarist and a lutenist Edin Karamazov, a violinist and a concertmaster of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO Wien) Kristina Šuklar, a Chinese cellist Yishu Jiang, who is also a member of the RSO Wien, and a violist Saša Milošev, who has recently started to work as a lecturer at the Trinity College of Music in London.

The compositions were tailored for Karamazov and for this CD exclusively. Hence, it’s about a premiere of compositions played for the first time in the church of Mary’s Assupmtion, whose adequate acoustics and a necessarily quiet location, were one of the reasons why Zlarin was chosen for this project.

Bogdanović’s covers of Sting’s songs named Prisms are probably the most interesting to a wider audience.

DSC00536The producers of the project are Daniel Vukov, Edin Karamazov and Marin Fulgosi (also the audio engineer’s assistant), music supervisor and advisor – maestro Tomislav Fačini (conductor and composer), and the audio engineer is Mr. Jan-Eric Persson from Sweden, who is world famous in the audiophile circle of people for his cult record label Opus3 Records, which has been successfully operating for over 35 years.

When the recording of the CD finished, in spite of the inability to meet Zlarin better because of their tight schedule, the whole crew of musicians, most of which came to our island for the first time, was thrilled with Zlarin and promised their soon return, whether for a new project or for vacation.