New Zlarin prospectuses

zlarinske crkve final.cdrFor the upcoming tourist season, we have decided to make a new prospectus about the island of Zlarin, its churches, and a new map of the island with existing contents. This way we would like to thank the author of the map, Jelena Beban-Brkić and her team from the Faculty of Geodesy from Zagreb, for the time and effort they put in the project.

We would also like to thank all our friends who donated money that helped us make and print the prospectuses: Adriatic Sailing, Yacht Club Zlarin, Riva store, Viktor coral grindery, Zlarinka coral grindery, Palma café bar, Jež fast food restaurant, Ispo Leroja konoba, restaurant Ivana, Aldura konoba and the Hotel Koralj. We must also thank Tamara Strika for her translation; Zvonimir Varošanac for making the conceptual design of the Zlarin churches prospectus and for his photos; and Gojko Vukov-Colić and Katarina Gregov for the other photos.

Without your cordial help, the time you spent and the money you invested this project would not have been realized.

You can have a look at the booklets and the maps HERE