Permaculture course on Zlarin

energ_2By the end of this month, the 72-hour PDC (International Permacultural Design Course) will be coming to Zlarin. The course, with its intensive 10-day length, will focus on sustainable living space design.


It will consist of the following “blocks”:

  • Introduction – I what shape are our society and its surroundings?
  • Basic permacultural principles: zones, sectors, samples; reading the landscape,
  • The ground: analysis and soil improvement, mulching, composting, organic gardening, forest garden,
  • Water: water in our surroundings, Schauberger, water collection, waste water recycling, compost toilet
  • Sustainable and natural construction, straw construction, green rooftops
  • Energy: principles and practical systems (wind, sun, biomass…), household energy,
  • Urban permaculture, solutions for the city and small places
  • Society: Decision by consensus, alternative economy, sustainable unions.


The last three days are reserved for practical work through which attendants will form their future projects.


The course is organized in a way so that attendants from Šibenik’s surroundings are able to visit daily, by regular shipping lines. The course will last all day during the weekend and from 2pm to 6pm on workdays with the exception of Friday, September 27th when the course will take all day.

For attendants outside of the Šibenik region, first-class accommodation is being offered at very reasonable prices, with two meals included per day. The course’s schedule will leave enough room for the exploration of the island.

The 10-day course is priced at 1,100 KN (roughly 145 €), and optional island accommodation costs another 1,100 KN.


Who is this course for?

zelzid1DThose involved in gardening, building a sustainable home, wanting to leave the city, trying to figure out what to do with their inherited land or even use permaculture on their future workplace have truthfully expressed their satisfaction. We recommend the course to those thinking about buying land in the future.





  • The course will last from Friday, September 20th up until Sunday, September 29th. Attendant capacity is limited and entries are being accepted until September 15th, 2013.

For registration, questions and additional info on the course, send an e-mail to[/arrowlist]