Presentation of the National Coral Center

posjet 3We believe you all know that a few days ago we’ve had the honor of welcoming the minister of tourism, Darko Lorencin who came to see the future National Coral Center location, along with mayor Željko Burić, prefect Goran Pauk and other representatives of our tourism sector. With a short presentation of our rich cultural heritage, the invitees have had a chance to see the Homeland museum, Vesna Parun’s memorial room and got the best possible insight into coral jewelry production in the Zlarinka shop.

Leader of the project, Ivana Bujas Rupić informed the minister about current happenings and what this project means for a place like Zlarin. For the end, with traditional dishes and drinks, Mladen Bjažić treated us with a recital of some of his best poems. The pleasant gathering was further graced by the members of the Culture and Art Society Koralj.