Sacral singing

image001Another concert is to be held tomorrow, on Tuesday the 6th of August in the church of Mary’s Ascension for the purpose of collecting resources for the restoration of the church organ. It is going to be a religious music concert performed by students of the Alba Vidaković Institute of Church Music.

Ivana Matkov – mezzosoprano

Petra Hrvačić – alto

Kristijan Palčec – organ

Besides the works of A. Vivaldi, W.A. Mozart and others, the repertoire will also feature a few pieces with Gregorian chant. These students are among few people in Croatia and the world who study and cherish the authentic interpretation of the Gregorian chant. We are inviting you to glorify this event with your presence. You can buy the ticket in the office of the Zlarin Tourist Board at a symbolic price of 20 KN.


Gregorian chant: [arrowlist]

  • Salve Regina
  • Jeruzalem
  • Ad te levavi
  • Narrabo


  • Salve Mater

A Vivaldi

  • Stabat Mater I Largo II Recitativo

W.A. Mozart

  • Ave Maria

A. Vidaković

  • Magnificat


  • S radošću ćete

C. Johengen

  • At the table

[/arrowlist] Zlarin Tourist Board, the church of Mary’s Ascension, 9 p.m.