“Spomenko” film premiere

image002We proudly present the premiere of a documentary film called Spomenko, which revolves around our dear reverend Spomenko Bagarić, known to all who live on Zlarin.
He has lived and worked on the island of Zlarin since 1986, and he is the only representative of an institution that operates on a state level that actually lives there. Judging from the effort he makes not to progress in the hierarchy of the institution for which he works for in any way (so far he’s succeeding), it can be concluded that he is happy and at peace, both with his choice of profession and with the location of his service. Being isolated from the centers of power, politics and careerism, he can peacefully devote himself to what is most important in his life: philosophy and friends.
The movie’s focus is put on his life during winter, when there are around 150 permanent inhabitants in the village. Spomenko himself is the narrator, while the video camera follows him in everyday life, while he is working or talking about subjects that he’s interested in, e.g. tolerance, loneliness, bliss, friendship, personal happiness and good shoes. The movie focuses on how the reverend deals with loneliness, ephemerality, his weaknesses and how he manages to turn the burden of solitude to his advantage. He talks about his vivid reflections and viewpoints while taking a stroll through the ruined hamlet, riding a bike in the deserted place, or cutting the branches of a fig, showing how simplicity does not mean banality.
The movie was made based on the idea of brothers Lovrenčić and produced by Signi Studio. The authors and directors are Bruno Lovrenčić and Dražen Nenadić, and Luka Lovrenčić is the cameraman. The movie uses music by Mario Knezović, a member of the band Zoster.
The movie was filmed in January on various locations on the island of Zlarin.

After the premiere and until late at night we will be entertained by the local bands Saugensi and DJ Bore.

The premiere will be held on August 2, at 9.30 p.m., Ispo Leroja Square, Signi studio