Many people have not even heard about this most beautiful place, the treasure of the Sibenik archipelago and the pearl of the Adriatic sea.  A lot of people, though, have heard and have visited this island and they are now regular visitors. Zlarin is a combination of untouched nature, rich tradition, hospitable people and attractive offers.  Regardless of the group you belong to, we bring you several interesting reasons to visit Zlarin.

1.  The island of Zlarin is known as a green island.  A union of nature guarding the soul of the Mediterranean, together with olives, the sea and green forests; it is a perfect place for being at one with nature and learning about its incredible power. Because motorcars are forbidden, you can really enjoy nature in its purity.


2.  Wonderful beaches– there areabout2700hours of sun yearly, which makes Zlarin one of the most sunny islands of the Adriatic sea.  Here you can enjoy the most beautiful pebbled beaches, which are naturally protected from the wind sand are surrounded by crystal clear sea. Here you can feel pleasant sand under your feet as soon as you step into the seawater. Moreover, there are some ‘wild’ beaches, which will be liked by those who are fond of peace and solitude.


3. Far and wide, Zlarin is known for its corals. Here the traditional and well-known method of processing valuable coral jewelry continues. Corals are small animals that petrify as soon as they are taken out of the sea. Throughout history, coral has been given as a present to a newborn child because coral turns white if the child’s temperature is too high. It is also believed that coral protects people from bewitchment.


4.  Zlarin preserves its rich history. The first written documents about Zlarin date back to 1245.  But archaeologists have found objects from the Neolithic and Roman periods, which prove a longer history. Zlarin’s most beautiful churches leave you breathless and they preserve traditions for the whole region.



5.   An excellent assortment of gastronomic specialities on the island will delight all food lovers.  Preparation of fish and other Mediterranean delicacies will fill your holiday with total enjoyment.


6.   Favourable accommodations: On the island you will find a hotel named after Zlarin’s trademark: Koralj. There are also other suitable accommodations, which include apartments.

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7.   Organized transportation:  One can come to the island exclusively by ship or boat.  Daily connection with the mainland is maintained by a ship called, “Tijat”. Because it is forbidden to drive a motorcar on the island, there are several bicycle paths for those fond of cycling.

8.  Cultural events:  During the season you can follow numerous cultural events such as seeing off men sailing for coral hunting.

9.  Numerous sites worth seeing: For all those who like to get acquainted with the places they come to visit, we recommend visiting the churches in the area.  For example, the church of Maria’s Assumption and the church of Our Lady of Raselj.  Zlarin also has the longest waterfront of all the islands in Croatia, 130 meters long.

10.  The hill named Klepac: As the highest spot on the island at 169 m, Klepac is a perfect choice for beautiful walks in nature.  From its peak, on a clear day, you can have an unforgettable view over the mountain of Velebit and a little island called Jabuka.

Visit Zlarin and discover how much you canreally relax and amuse yourself during your holidays.

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If you want to explore Zlarin on your own and reveal why it is a favorite destination for many, book your accommodation here on time. Visit us, enjoy discovering the beautiful nature and experience a vacation like never before!