There was no bora

1743643_573520582743984_1216336857_nIt’s awful how, from time to time, something goes badly in unimaginable scales. Every once in a while some threat or situation arises that makes our little island seem so distant, abandoned and futureless – the island that was built for centuries, has grown, has an extremely rich history and culture, an energy no one will ever be able to comprehend, the island we all love and for which we’ll always fight. When will we be able to bring it back to its full glory?

Is last night’s weather a sign for us to, once and for all, leave the island and give up on our little oasis of peace or is it a chance to start investing in its infrastructure I think of a development plan? It can’t go on like this. Our homes, houses, yards, boats, fields, playgrounds, 3 km of roads, museum, firehouse, theatre… all is damaged, sunk and covered with soil.

“The storm isn’t strong and peace will come again, a cloud covered good fortune but it will pass someday.”

1540416_10202599850855957_1665960473_oToday is a new day. Help has been promised we’ll take their word. We’ll have a chance to build new roadways, better and stronger than before, fix our streets, install new shafts and restore the park and the playground. We’ll be investing in our communal infrastructure and will maybe even become a more attractive tourist destination. Soon we’ll open the kindergarten again and, in a year or two, the school. We’ll use our full potential and increase the quality of life because all of us, together, deserve it!