Volunteer Firefighter Association Zlarin

The traditional futsal tournament

nogom.turToday is the first day of the futsal tournament organized by our Volunteer Firefighter Association Zlarin. The already 19-year-old tradition always gathers round all male generations, that neither hotness nor dark can prevent from having a good time, competing friendly and having a glass of beer in the end.

During years there were a lot of different teams, some a bit more talented, some a bit less so, some who fought for every goal, and some who could barely run across the field. The locals might remember a team, whose name we shall not mention here, that played wearing bras, night gowns, water polo caps, and even the opposite team’s jerseys. Others will laugh at the fact that one team has four players, and another one more than ten.

In the end all we can say is that this tournament, which is so much more than a football tournament, has been around since we were kids and has become an indispensable part of every tourist season.


Table tennis

stolniHowever, that is not the end of the numerous activities and organization skills which our Volunteer Firefighter Association holds and has. Actually, they have organized another tournament for the second year in a row, and that is a table tennis tournament. It only lasts for a day, but it attracts a large number of participants. It starts at the break of dawn and ends during late afternoon. Participants need to be older than 15, and the registration fee is HRK20. You can apply to maximum one hour before the start of the tournament. The competition is tough, but fun is guaranteed!


Volunteering activities

dvd2dvd1Everybody on Zlarin already knows that we can always count on our diligent boys from the Volunteer Firefighter Association for any harder work that needs to be done. This year they accepted our request to wash the streets and they also removed a pine that had fallen last winter on the Šegac Beach on their own initiative. They always do what’s in Zlarin’s best interest and the help as much as they can. You can see them transporting people to mass at the church of Our Lady of Rašelje, pumping out water from sunken boats, taking care of the environment, cleaning paths in the fields, or cleaning attics when there’s snow during winter, and bringing food and wood to the unable.

This way we would like to pay them tribute and thank them for their constant support and for participating at various events and work actions.