Damir Kukuruzović – Django Group

The Zlatni otok association is inviting you to an event you don’t get to see every day – a jazz manouche (gypsy jazz) night. The event will begin begin at 10 p.m. tomorrow, and the leading musician will be the legendary Damir Kukuruzović.



Damir Kukuruzović is the most prominent Croatian jazz manouche performer and a virtuoso who’s had vast experience in various musical collaborations – from the recently late Croatian jazz guru Boško Petrović to the most eminent pioneers of the genre such as Angelo Debarr, Raphael Fays and Ludovic Beier.


For the last seven years he’s been organizing the Siscia Open Jazz & Blues Festival in his Siscia Jazz Club in Sisak, but he also organizes numerous concerts throughout Croatia.

Kukuruzović has gigs in Croatia and abroad, where he always surprises and delights the audience with his top-notch musical skills.


Zlatni otok Association,

Hotel Koralj, 10 p.m.